If you and I don’t defend Freedom this November, who will?

Stand up for Religious Freedom Rally picThe HHS Mandate is the single most egregious attack on religious freedom in the history of our country.  If the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can mandate Catholics and any other like-minded individual who opposes abortion and artificial birth control be nonetheless forced to provide this coverage for themselves and their employees—or face enormous fines beginning January 2013—then what else can HHS mandate for anyone else, of any other religion?  This isn’t about whether abortion or artificial birth control is right or wrong.  It’s about FREEDOM.    Freedom to freely practice one’s religion—not merely “freedom to worship,” but freedom to live by one’s religious principles is a fundamental human right guaranteed to every single U.S. citizen, established and ratified by the Founders of this great nation.  This November we must defend that freedom for the sake of our individual faith and our country.


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