FEMA and White House Tell Storm Victims to get Help on Internet!

Hurricane SandyFEMA and President Obama made sure to let Sandy storm victims know where they could apply for financial assistance if they needed it: Online!  That’s right.  No common sense at all.  Nearly a million are without electricity as I post this  note.  This was predicted. Expected.  Common Sense.   Yet, as Sandy—the worst storm to slam the Northeastern states in a century, with its 800-mile wide girth cruising at a slow-moving pace up the coast—mixed it up with a Nor’Easter and a cold front that catapulted its intensity and damage potential, the White House and FEMA patted themselves—and repeated numerous times— on the back for insisting people find phone number and get help ONLINE.  Did anyone tell the President that ya can’t get online if there is no electricity and your battery dies?

Put simply:  As a monster storm hit land to pummel and destroy the famed Atlantic City boardwalk, flood NYC subways and viciously attack the Eastern seaboard, FEMA and President Obama tell potential storm victims to rest assured because they can (and must) go to a government internet to get help, or even a FEMA phone number? Seriously?!  Talk about no common sense!  …And this same government is forcing us to trust them with our individual healthcare?  It’s time to take America back!   Read more>>


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