“Make DC Listen” : Filibuster against Obamacare on Senate Floor

Senator Cruz and Senator Lee U.S. Senator Ted Cruz today launched an old-fashioned fillibuster on the Senate Floor this afternoon, with Senator Mike Lee, in a last ditch effort to de-fund ObamaCare, the UNafordable non-care act, as some refer to it.

The two senators are determined to make DC listen (Twitter handle: #MakeDCListen) to the American people, who have overwhelmingly and repeatedly expressed that they do NOT want Obamacare.

After all Obamacare is unaffordable, it’s too expensive, it is ill-conceived, it does not save individuals money (in fact, the cost of healthcare has increased dramatically since Obamacare was pushed through the Congress),  it places absurd and hefty financial burdens on individuals and business owners, it mandates that American citizens must go against their conscience and faith to provide insurance that covers abortion and contraception, and it does not make healthcare more affordable or better.

Proof is that Senators and Congressmen and the President himself are EXEMPT!  The very Senators and Representatives (including Congresswoman Nancy “we can’t know what’s in it until we pass it” Pelosi) who pushed Obamacare through the Congress BEFORE EVEN COMPLETELY WRITING THE BILL, are exempt from it.

Proof is that when the Union leaders realized how bad the bill was, they started demanding exemption for themselves too…which has not yet been granted.

Hundreds of lawsuits filed by businesses, individuals and nonprofits have been filed — and continue to be filed – requesting conscience-based exception.  Some of these have been granted, others await trial.

HOW CAN YOU HELP SEN. TED CRUZ AND SEN. MIKE LEE?  Go to http://www.MakeDCListen.com or join Twitter brigade at #makedclisten, and call U.S. Senators asking them to represent YOU by defunding Obamacare!


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