Obama, Revisionist-in-Chief

liar-crossed-fingersMillions of Americans are mad and hell and may be on the verge of moving to the emotional plane of “I am not going to take it any more”.  Who’s to blame?  As amazing as it sounds, the one person who is supposed to put the interest of all Americans first, President Obama is the one who deceived us in order to get his view of the ‘right’ form of healthcare past.  And pass it did, based on one simple, clear and absolute promise from Obama, “If you have insurance and you like your insurance you can keep it. Period!  If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period!

We now know this is not true.  But what we have just found out is that the president knew this over 3 year ago.  With this knowledge our president consciously chooses to hide this fact from the public and adopted a platform of LIES in order to get his way.  Millions of people are now receiving letters from their insurance companies saying their plans are being cancelled as of January 1, 2014 because they are not in compliance with Obamacare.

The President’s initial reaction is to tell us that the new plans we will have to sign on to will be better plans that what we are being forced to give up.  I somehow don’t understand how copays that are doubled or tripled and deductibles that are thousands upon thousands of dollars more and the narrowing of healthcare networks causing many to have to find new doctors or hospitals can possibly be viewed as “better” plans.

And now our president, or maybe he should be called Revisionist-in-Chief, is rewriting history. Obama is now saying he told us all along this was going to happen.  Here is what he said yesterday, “If you had or have one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really like that plan, what we said was, you could keep it… if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.”

Mr. President that is a bold face lie!  This is not a matter of opinion.  Every time, over the last three years, that you read your promise from the teleprompter it was captured on video tape.  We all heard the non-qualified promise; maybe you should go to the video tape yourself.

What’s the lesson from this duping of the American public?  Simple, We The People, can no longer take our leader’s promises as being truthful and we have to analyze and assess any plan or program that is recommended to us by our government.  And we must put all their promises through the filter of Commonsense.  The on-going destruction of the American health system that served 95% of our country well needs to be halted, the liars and those who support the lie and try to convince us that our lying ears are at fault need to be removed from office and all of us must embrace the simple fact that, COMMON SENSE MATTERS.


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