Liberal, Progressive Thinking, An Affliction Defined by the Absence of the Commonsense Gene.

How smart can u bI have often heard people of the republican, conservative and independent persuasion ask this one question when a new progressive program is recommended or implemented, “What are they thinking? This makes no sense at all.”  I myself have asked the question with repeated frequency since Obama was elected president.  The answer turns out to be quite simple.  If you stand back and view all the programs and initiatives, either at the national or local levels of government, you will see a pattern emerging, almost all of these programs are fundamentally lacking in commonsense.

If this is true why is it so hard for us to see?  The answer is the liberal progressives are brilliant at obscuring an assessment of rationality by invoking the benevolent despot argument that this is for the greater good, (and by the way we know what that good is, you don’t).  A radical point of view?  I think not.  Just think about these few examples:

  • Cries that our children are becoming obese lead to school lunch programs that serve food the kids will not eat while at the same time they outlaw exercise in the school yard, no running, no dodge ball etc.
  • The government is forced to close down so things have to be closed because there is no money to keep the buildings open and staffed.  But somehow there is money to build blockades around open air monuments and then have guards there to enforce the closing.  They even tried to close part of the ocean off the coast of Florida to fishing.  How the heck do you close an ocean?
  • They argue a healthcare bill that will add 30 million people to the healthcare system and add significant increases in coverage such as no life time limits, no exclusion for previous conditions, will not add a single dollar to the nation’s deficit.  Even the most severely math challenged among us know this can’t be true.

These are just a few examples, I encourage you to make your own list then step back and look at them all at once.  You will see that the absence of commonsense suggests that the progressive arguments for any one of these programs can’t be about the program, nobody is that dumb, it is about something bigger.  It is about policy over people.  They want policies that drive the growth of government even if it hurts the people because the idyllic state of big government is needed to take care of the people because they are not capable of making smart choices on their own.  So don’t fall into the trap of arguing the logic of any progressive bill or program, just know that the big government mindset must be defeated so argue with your votes and your calls to your representatives and remember above all, COMMON SENSE MATTERS!


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