Obama Creates New Executive Title: CUO

confusedPresident Obama’s progressive agenda is not only fundamentally changing America; he is fundamentally changing the nature of the Chief Executive’s role in governing this country from leadership to cluelessness.  In fact if a visitor from some distant planet were to arrive and look at the event of the past five years he might decide to change the definition of the president’s role from CEO to CUO, Chief Un-informed Officer.

Too harsh a statement?  Judge for yourself

Obama on Fast and Furious, the selling of guns to Mexican criminals crossing the border in order to track them that resulted in losing track of thousands of guns and the death of many including as US Border Guard.

  • “I didn’t know anything about this until it was just brought to my attention”

Obama on the death of our ambassador and three others in Benghazi

  • “I didn’t know they had requested more security. I don’t know who ordered help stand down”

Obama on the IRS targeting conservative groups applying for non-profit status

  • “I didn’t know, I just read about it in the papers on Friday”

Obama on the tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel cell phone calls by the NSA

  • “I didn’t know the NSA was doing this”

And these are just a few examples of his mental absenteeism in a job that requires attention 24/7.  It is one thing not to know what is happening two blocks away when you are a community organizer but being clueless in the office of President of the United States is dereliction of duty. The next elections we participate in, be it national or local, I encourage us all to remember that COMMON SENSE MATTERS, so ask of the person asking for you vote:

  •  “What are his qualifications?”
  •  “What experience can he point to, to prove his claims?”
  • “How are you going to do the things you promise?”
  • “Is the media doing a good job of vetting this candidate?”

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