The Beltway Disease That Is Destroying Our Country

boiling-a-frogWhy is Washington DC so often grid-locked?  Why do our representatives seem too often to ignore the will of the people in favor of some political party agenda? The answer is actually pretty simple and related to the question of “how do you boil a frog?”

Let’s start with the frog.  If you drop a frog in boiling water it will jump right out.  But if you put a frog in water and gradually increase the heat until the water boils the frog will stay there and gradually be overtaken by the heat, never really noticing any great change in temperature at a single point in time until it is too late.

Ladies and gentlemen that is what happened to our founding principles as the heat from the progressive creep mindset gradually changed the fundamental relationship between our representatives in Washington DC and where they place their loyalties.

Our founding Fathers gave us a bicameral form of representative government, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  The representatives in the House were to be elected by the people of their congressional district.  The senators were to be elected by the state legislators; that’s right the Constitution calls for senators not to be elected by the people of the state but by state legislators.  The founding Fathers didn’t trust a true democracy.  They were concerned that at any given point in time an emotional issue might garner a simple majority of the people and a rash decision might be made that would undermine our unique experiment in a government that is granted power by the consent of the governed.  These brilliant men also knew that all points-of-view must be represented and the House was designed to bring the interests of the people to government and the Senate was designed to bring the interests of each individual state to the federal government.

What happened?  In 1913 the progressives managed to get the seventh amendment past which called for the people of the state to elect senators, not the state legislators.  This was the beginning of the incubation of the Beltway Disease.  Gradually, overtime the loyalty of the representatives in Washington shifted from the people and the states to the political parties and non-elected bureaucrats took over designing political platforms and redistributing large sums of money to congressmen and senators who followed the lead so they could get elected.  This resulted in what we see today in Washington DC–  The people we send to Washington to represent our point of view are now representing Washington’s point of view to us–  The progressives have boiled the Federalist Frog.

The vaccine for this disease is reawakening of the realization that COMMON SENSE MATTERS!  Mark Levin, in his new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, calls for states to get together and reclaim the original intent of state representation in Washington through a state initiated constitutional convention and the repeal of the 17th amendment among others.  Read his book and see the power that commonsense can bring to the table in addressing problems that have come to us with the slow and recently not so slow fundamental transformation of America.


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