Obama and the Misleading Pronoun

liarFrom the mouth of our President, “If you have insurance and YOU like it…” The country is now being hit with the reality that this promise was false, not true, a lie.  Millions upon millions of middle class Americans are being told they will lose their insurance and they will have to cough up much more in co-pays and deductibles in order to make Obamacare work.

The discussions over the family dinner table, the voices of conservatives, republicans, independents and yes many democrats are filling the airwaves with shock and surprise at the extent to which Obamacare is destroying the peace-of-mind of what may turn out to be as much as 129 million people in the process of getting 15 – 30 million uninsured people health insurance coverage.

How did we get here? There are two very basic reasons for this disaster.  The first is the naiveté of the community organizer regime about the business concept of “Objective Planning”.  The second is ideological belief of progressive liberals that the best way to achieve Obama’s goal of fundamentally transforming America through the devious and forced implementation of the distribution of wealth through the concept of sharing the pain.

It is critical to understand the first reason.  Throughout Obama’s two presidential campaigns he defined the problem as some 15-30 million people were not covered by healthcare insurance and this had to be corrected because he believes healthcare is a “right”.  I looked, but can’t find it in the Constitution.  Now here is where the naiveté of the community organizer takes over.  Instead of focusing on the 30 million in need he focused on changing the healthcare for 250 million people.  If you think about it , he could have set up a healthcare account for each of these people and the cost would have been a fraction of the cost of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act).

Why would anyone who has a lick of business sense choose to do this instead of tearing apart 1/6 of our economy?  This is explained by the second factor.  First Obama and his team do not have a lick of business sense and what is worse they have no desire to bring people on board who do. (in case you hadn’t noticed Obama’s team setting up the new healthcare website and data storage back-end, does not include one person who had experience with digital start-ups or who had run complex, mufti-faceted businesses). This behavior is a symptom of their progressive, liberal ideology.  They honestly believe that big government is the answer to all problems and the bigger the government the better the country will be for all.  That’s because they believe they know, better than we do, what is best for us and our families.  And the bigger the government the more aspects of our lives they can control for our betterment.  And in the pursuit of this idyllic goal the end justifies the means, hence the lies.

Now with this in mind let’s take another look at his promise to America. When he said, “If you like your insurance you can keep it. Period!” In his mind he was really saying “If WE like your plan than WE will let you keep it.  But if not WE will make sure you get a better plan”; a convenient misrepresentation by pronoun.

None of this makes any sense so we have to be vigilant about re-embracing the founding principles of our country and keep in mind at all times that COMMON SENSE MATTERS!


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