Obama’s View of Security Puts Us All At Risk

Broken Safe Obama SecurityThis is really hard to believe but as the old saying goes, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Nothing is more sacred than our right to secure our healthcare and financial information. And we have all come to expect a high level of security for our medical information and when we make financial transaction online or in person.  Amazon and other retailers as well as banks and brokerages spend millions on network security and thousands of man hours testing the end-to-end security of their network to protect our information.  Not so our government!

Many of you have heard that the Healthcare.gov team didn’t do any end-to-end testing before launching the site. This glaring omission is even more upsetting when we find out that there were internal discussion and memos that talked about the risks involved in the website’s architecture and the interfaces between the various components of the network.

What does business do when they find a problem that would put their customer’s personal information at risk?  They shut down the system, fix it and test it, test it, test it then make it live again with the threat removed.

What did the Obama team do? Rather than fix it so our personal information was not put at risk they included a hidden terms of service, that is not shown to the people when they log on to the site, which states that the user has not reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.  And as users moves through the site they are forced to click “they accept the terms of service”.  Amazing! they didn’t fix the security problem; they absolved themselves of culpability by forcing people to agree they have no right to privacy of their personal information.  Does this make any sense to anyone, republican, conservative, independent or democrat?

But wait, it doesn’t stop there.  With the vast problems the website is experiencing President Obama directed people to the 800 number or the centers that have been set up for people to got to in person.  On the phone or in the centers we will be helped by “Navigators” people who will be given highly confidential and sensitive financial and medical information and we find out in the Senate hearing on the problems of Healthcare.gov that these navigators did not go through background checks.  When asked by one of the senators at the hearing if this mean a convicted felon could be a navigator, Kathleen Sibelius said, “yes”. Obama designed a system that permits convicted felons to be given access the greatest repository of personal information this country has ever created.

This defies logic.  Truth is stranger than fiction especially when the liberal, progressive mind-set, that says big government know best, has taken over the country.  We all must bring a different mind-set to the next elections and vote for all of the candidates that promise to return us to the America where Common Sense Matters.


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